The tremendous, tumbling, tossing, traveling trolley.

Terms and Conditions

See further below for Terms and Conditions for Parties

Terms and Conditions for our Preschool / Daycare class program.

-The Jolly Trolley program consists of a thirty minute class once a week, four times a month when applicable. The first of the month, when a weekday, will constitute the first class day of the month. The few days at the end of the month that previously constituted a fifth class will be used as a day for maintenance on the trolley or a make-up class if needed. In most cases those days will be the 29th - 31st.
-Make-up classes may become necessary when a class falls on a school scheduled holiday or a class is missed due to unexpected mechanical issues. If a class cannot be made up, a credit will be applied.
-There will be three Holiday weeks of the year that the Jolly Trolley will observe, the week of the 4thof July and the two weeks containing Christmas and the New Year.
-Enrolling a child in our program, reserves a space on the Jolly Trolley for him or her. If the enrolled child misses a class for any reason, payment for that space in the class must still be made.
-The most common and preferred payment option for enrollment is through the autopay system which will set up an automatic charge to a card on file at the beginning of each month. Cash or check options are available on a case by case basis. If interested in further information, please email for more details. Additional fees may apply.
-Upon completing enrollment in the autopay system, the payment method on file will be charged for one month. The second month charge will be prorated if initial enrollment is after the first class of the month.
-For enrollment to be complete per child, the parent/ guardian must fill out and sign our Waiver, Consent, and release of Liability form for each.
-Discounts are available for teachers/staff of one of our participating schools. Adjustments to the account will be made and discounts will be applied affecting the second month charge.
-Cancelations can be made via direct communication with The Jolly Trolley staff. However, to receive a refund of unused credit, a month’s notice is required.
-Class space is limited to ten students per session. Additional classes will be added to make room when applicable. The Jolly Trolley staff will create each class roster based off of the students’ ages, evaluated abilities, and school schedules. If a parent/ guardian requests a change in class placement, every effort will be made to do so but cannot be guaranteed due to class space limits.
Terms and Conditions for The Jolly Trolley Party packages.

-The Jolly Trolley has two packages for birthday parties and one package for any other event. The Bouncing Ball package for Birthday parties consists of everything in the Hula Hoop package plus a birthday banner, party favors, and a balloon bouquet. The Hula Hoop party package consists of one hour of play aboard Holly, the Jolly Trolley at the party location. There will be two instructors/supervisors, fun kids music, a trampoline, ball pit, and several other padded shapes with which to play. The Hula Hoop package is for birthday parties and other events. Extra time can be purchased at time of booking or at the time of the party if our schedule allows.
-A deposit is required to reserve a party package at time of booking. The deposit will go towards the total payment due. The remaining balance will be due on the day of the party. Several payment options are available with the most common being either cash or card through an emailed link with invoice.
-Cancelation Policy – To receive a full refund of your deposit should you need to cancel for any reason, notice must be given at least 72 hours in advance of party date. Notice given within 72 hours will effectively remove your booking from The Jolly Trolley schedule and will forfeit the deposit. Parties can be rescheduled on a case by case basis.
-Booking a party with The Jolly Trolley signifies agreement with the below Waiver, Consent and Release of Liability documentation.

This Waiver, Consent, and Release of Liability (“Waiver”) is entered into between Jolly Trolly Co., Inc. (“Owner”) and the undersigned Participant effective as of the date of execution below. “Participant” includes both the undersigned and all persons named below and/or included in the event. The Owner and the Participant are referred to below individually as a “Party” or collectively as the “Parties.” 
This Waiver governs the rights and liabilities of the Parties arising from the Participant’s use of the Jolly Trolley (“the Trolley”), a mobile play place for children inside a converted street trolley. For the purposes of this agreement, the Trolley includes the play area (“Play Area”) inside the Trolley and the area where the Trolley is parked on the date of the event.
Participant is an individual or the parent or legal guardian of the person(s) named below. Participant desires to enter into and participate in play activities in and around the Trolley (“Activities”). In consideration for payment received, Owner agrees to allow Participant to take part in the Activities subject to the terms of this Waiver:
1. Participant represents that it or the person(s) named below are physically fit and able to participate in the Activities. Participant agrees to comply with all posted safety signs, written rules, and verbal instructions from the Owner or its agents before or during any participation in any Activities.
2. Participant acknowledges and understands that the use of the Trolley involves physical exertion and play in a confined space with other participants. As such, there are known, and unknown, risks associated with participating in any Activities. These risks include, but are not limited to, physical activity in the Play Area, entry and egress from the Play Area, injuries caused by other participants, contusions, fractures, scrapes, sprains, bruises, cuts, bumps, concussions, paralysis, severe injury, and death. 
3. By signing below, Participant knowingly, willingly, and voluntarily assumes all risks arising from any Activity in or around Trolley, including risks that may arise use due to other participant’s actions or behavior.
Participant knowingly, willingly, and voluntarily waives and releases Owner, its employees, agents, officers, directors, owners, and shareholders from any and all claims, causes of action, injuries, and liabilities of any kind arising from or relating to Participant’s participation in any Activities in or around the Trolley, including from claims arising from the Owner’s own negligence. 
Participant further agrees to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend Owner, its employees, agents, officers, directors, owners, and shareholders from any and all claims, causes of action, injuries, damages, liabilities, costs of court, and attorney fees Owner sustains as a result of or relating to Participant’s participation in any Activities in or around the Trolley, including from claims arising from Owner’s own negligence.
Consent to use of likeness.Owner may, from time to time, create film, videos, or photographs of participants as they engage in the Activities for promotional use. Participant acknowledges that such works may include depictions or photographs of Participant. Participant consents to Owners use of such works for any purpose without notice or compensation to Participant.