The tremendous, tumbling, tossing, traveling trolley.


Bring a magical world of play to your doorstep with our fun obstacle course, gym, and playground on wheels for kids.

Trolley Tidbits


Meet Holly, the Jolly Trolley.

Holly hails from Houston. Holly is the happening hang-out for kids from 2 to 8 years old. Holly helps happy, hyper, hollering kids have a heck of a good time on her tremendous, tumbling, tossing, traveling trolley.  


Holly Loves Birthdays

Holly has a ball hopping about Houston from Holman Street, to the Heights, to Hwy 6, she’ll meet you anywhere for your party.


Holly Digs Daycare

Holly delights in her daily daycare visits. Joined by jolly, joyful, jaunty Johnnys and Janies, she jostles about while they jump and tumble and toss in the Trolley. A weekly visit of magical play, be warned though, they’ll never want Holly to go away.